Kago Tote Bag M - Nude - BAG-K03

Kago Tote Bag M - Nude - BAG-K03

Kago Tote Bag M - Nude - BAG-K03

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KAGO Tote Bag is attached with a shoulder belt, in addition to hand carrying, it can also be carried as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

The design of KAGO Tote Bag give people with pragmatic feeling. It is very light-weight while equipped with small compartments inside. The whole body is woven by hands with narrow belts. A piece of meticulous craftsmanship!

Architectural aesthetic. The design of Takahashi Brothers always remind us of architecture design process - analyzing, dismantling and reorganizing.

Made in Japan

Cow Leather
Color: Nude
(Also available in Black. )

Size: M
Body: H25 x W35 x D13 cm
Strap: 93 cm