[ surrounded by Beautiful Things ] 
It all started with the love to our universe.
We present our vision and attitudes towards life and aesthetic through product selection, object experience and exhibitions. 
Tranquil, spontaneous , maybe a touch of glamorous and fun. Living in a bustling city, we are pursuing a balance between city life and nature. Like you and me, there is time we love crazy parties and there is time we want to spend a quiet afternoon home trying new recipe. Between the two we learn and understand the diversities of life.
The connection between things you wear, utensil you use in your daily life are beautiful, we wanted to bring that awareness to understand and appreciate the heart behind all these.
And so, we curate product that are designed with goodwills to people and to the environment, and are made by people who is fairly treated and respected. There is always a cycle, and we wanted to create a healthy one,  so under our curation, everything you purchase from us support this beautiful cycle, to people and to our universe. 
A Beautiful Store's selections are sold through officially authorized representatives of each brand, which means that each product is brought to A Beautiful Store after we have learned and trusted with the designers, the artists and the artisans. The "beauty" that we pay attention to and in this name is not only the appearance of the product, but also the concern and respect behind the design and production.
器具 | 衣妝 | 生活美學
[ surrounded by Beautiful Things ] 

透過店鋪選物、器具體驗和展覽,把我們的生活態度與美學標準呈現 - 自然靜謐加一點華麗和趣味吧,就像生活在繁華的大城市裡我們都追求城市與大自然兩者間的平衡般,也像你和我,可以時而喜愛瘋狂派對,時而喜愛自己動手做麵包在家裡靜靜過一個下午。在兩者間我們學習與了解生活有多樣的可能。
宇宙萬物都有其美善,我們所關注和以此為名的"美麗"不單是產品的外觀,還有是設計與生產背後對人的關注和尊重。如果我們對世界主動,支持和尊重生命,這個能量必然會回到我們身上,是循環是 circle of life。我們希望在a Beautiful store 裡讓人意識到這些物件與創作背後的美善、用心與價值,在消費裡建立起美善的循環。
A Beautiful Store的選物都經過各品牌的正式授權代表售賣,這代表著每件產品都經過我們與設計者互相用心了解和信任後才帶到 A Beautiful Store。