French Recycled Glassware - Set A

French Recycled Glassware - Set A

French Recycled Glassware - Set A

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We especially packed Set A for you to garnish your dinning table! Most of them are long neck vases with flared lip, looks great even with single flower arrangement! Let's give it a try!

Set of 9 pieces in total.

If you see it upside down, you can feel the pontil mark left by the glassblower’s cane, which reveals the glassware was blown by freehand. Isn't it precious?

Collecting recycled glass and hand-blown locally in Paris. They are a non-profit glass blowing organisation. One of the founder, Sébastien, is a mold maker and he has applied his savoir-faire with sculpture into glassblowing. Inspired by everyday objects and circle of friends, some pieces are named after their family members and friends. 

The collection has a slightly crooked ancient texture and each one has a unique touch.

From vases to drinking vessels, we selected a wide range of glassware, which are exclusively launched in Hong Kong.

. Photo is for indication only.  Size, shape, texture and color may varies in each piece
. There are different bubbles, textures, coloring and imperfections in each piece refer as signatures of the artisan's work. We love & appreciate much and they are not defect. Please consider well before purchase :)

Parisian hand-blown recycled glass

In the set:
. Bagno Triangulaire - 89D ( W6 x H14 cm ± ) 
. Bistrot Long - 26T ( W13 x H26 cm ± ) ;
. Breakfast - 27T17 ( W10 x H24cm ± ) 
. Cappelli - M1821 ( W8.5 x H17.5 cm ± ) 
. Carola - 24T ( W10 x H26 cm ± ); 
. Giorgio - 82T ( W8.5 x H27.5 cm ± ) ; 
. Lorette - 60D ( H18 cm ± ) ;
. Pilgrim Transparent - 63TTRANSPARENT ( W10 x H6 cm ± ) 
. Trianon - 11T17 ( H12 cm ± )

1 qty of each style. Set of 9 pieces in total.

Also available for individual buying. Please refer to collection page.

Color: Transparent