Pop Up Long Wallet - Black - ACC-PU03

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Yataro Matsuura (松浦彌太郎) once said, " in order to attract money, other than learning how to make money, you also have to pay respect for money by providing a neat and tidy and comfortable place for them. Therefore, the first requirement is to choose a quality wallet - well organised compartments with clear divisions.

And the Pop Up Long Wallet is the perfect one! 

Round zipper type long wallet When you open the zipper, the partition opens wide like a pop-up book, and you can see the rooms of coins, cards, and bills at once. You can keep a slim shape without swelling even if you store it a lot. Since the wallet is divided into two, you can use it as a free pocket for organizing bills, receipts, receipts, tickets, etc. The original structure card holder placed in the center is made to insert cards vertically, making it very easy to put in and take out, and has excellent storage capacity.

* Up to 3 credit cards can be stored in one pocket, up to a maximum of 30.

Vegetable tanned cow leather is used with chrome tanning that is resistant to scratches and dirt. An original leather that is durable and easy to handle while retaining the texture of natural materials.

Vegetable tanned cow leather
Color: Black
(Also available in Gray.)

H10 x W19.5 x D2.5 cm