Seamless Short Wallet - Nude - ACC-SL03

Seamless Short Wallet - Nude - ACC-SL03

Seamless Short Wallet - Nude - ACC-SL03

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A simple bi-fold wallet assembled by folding a piece of leather without sewing. Neat appearance, it is the most complex wallet in the SEAMLESS series. Each coin, card, and banknote is independent and has more storage capacity than it looks. There is a partition in the card compartment, make it is more organising. 

The back of the coin pocket is also a pocket that can be used by sandwiching cards and receipts.

* Approximately 10 cards can be stored depends on the thickness of a credit card. 

 Vegetable tanned cow leather is used with chrome tanning that is resistant to scratches and dirt. An original leather that is durable and easy to handle while retaining the texture of natural materials.

Vegetable tanned cow leather
Color: Nude
(Also available in Wood / Yellow / Pink / Mint / Gray / Black. )

H9 x W10.5 x D2 cm


*The fundamental concept of Takahashi brothers (高橋兄弟) design is about three-dimensional structure. They applied the concept of Japanese Origami craftsmanship (摺紙工藝) to their design, such as by folding a piece of leather without sewing but assembling it! It is a unique design that is both practical and playful. The wallet contains more capacity and is easy to organise. Compact size with more capacity mean saver space for your bag.